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Are you leaving money on the table by making some simple, but common, mistakes in your Facebook campaigns?

Knowing what not to do is the most important kind of knowledge. With more than one billion users, Facebook is undeniably one of the biggest channels for every successful internet marketer, yet so many new to this field fail to receive optimum results from their campaigns.

This free report will help you steer clear of the biggest Facebook marketing mistakes and avoid ruining an otherwise successful marketing plan. Discover how to avoid losing fans, use statistics wisely, and make your content relevant to users.

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"I wanted this manual to be an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to use Facebook for marketing. My goal was to create a guide that provides expert advice on page creation, customer relationships, campaign management, as well as how to create and target highly-effective ad campaigns--essentially everything a Facebook marketer needs to dominate any target market."

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The manual contains a multi-module digital book, a process map, a checklist and a worksheet.

Doctor Sinister's Facebook Marketing

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